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3 Annuity Tax Traps

Investors today tend to focus on three major elements in their investing: income, growth, and tax minimization. So, it makes sense that a product that might be able to offer guarantees in the income department and benefits in the tax department could sound appealing. But, beware – the tax benefits of annuities are not always […]

Fear is Easy to Sell

“While pessimists sound like they’re trying to help you, optimists sound like they’re trying to sell you something.” – Professor Steven Pinker, Harvard University In the age of 24-hour news networks, great political division, and what seems like a devolving level of discourse – it’s easy to feel down about forward looking prospects today. Whether […]

Important Goals For Many Retirement Portfolios

Retirement typically means a change in lifestyle – and investment strategy. Protect the money you need to for today and grow the money you need down the road. As an advisor working with a diverse client base, I am in a unique position to see people at different inflection points in their life. One of […]