Better Doesn’t Have to Mean More Complicated.

Planning. Investing. For You.

When Craftwork Capital was established, our goal was to build a firm that would offer world class investing solutions and planning guidance without losing focus on the specific needs of our clients. Our goals center around creating successful outcomes for our clients through quality advice and strong performance, which in turn generate long lasting relationships for our firm.

Our Mission is to help drive our clients towards positive outcomes by offering custom tailored, actionable advice while delivering powerful investment performance.

Our Vision is a firm built on long lasting client relationships and mutual trust. Our success is predicated on the success we bring to our clients.

Core Values

  • Integrity

    Our fiduciary duty is at the forefront of our firm’s values. We will always put our clients’ interests first, and respect the trust that our clients have in our firm.

  • Proficiency

    We are committed to our craft and continuing to develop our skills as advisors and investors. Being a financial professional requires a lifelong commitment to learning.

  • Adaptability

    Change is one of the only certainties. Whether it be your circumstances and goals, or the markets and regulations – we will continue to shape our firm to fit evolving needs.

  • Fun

    Things always seem to be easier when you’re having fun. We take what we do seriously, but that doesn’t mean we need to act like stuffy bankers when we do it.