Crafting a better future.

Financial management lives at the intersection of art and science. We like to think of it as a craft. Though people’s goals may seem similar, their ideal path to achieving those goals can be dramatically different.

Craftwork Capital was launched in 2021 to help our clients identify and navigate the path best suited for them. As a boutique firm, our financial planners are able to work closely with our clients to learn about their specific goals and their motivations, as opposed to simply viewing them as numbers in a spreadsheet. By planning for the person, and not simply planning for the situation, we can create financial roadmaps that our clients will stick with for the long run, instead of plans that will be abandoned before even starting.

We give the same level of attention to our investment management strategies. Outsourcing investment decision making to another manager adds layers of fees, and limits flexibility. Our portfolios are curated by our in house investment committee, and then tailored to match our clients’ long term goals.

Whether you are looking to maximize returns during working years, or are facing a transition to retirement and trying to make things last, Craftwork Capital is there to make your journey a successful one.